Travel Through Ireland on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Ireland on a Harley (22/5/11 - 25/5/11)
Distance 93 km (584616 km to 584709 km)

This is part of the seventeenth section of our around the world trip.
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22/5/11 It is our daughters boyfriend's 30th birthday tomorrow Irish time, today Australian time, and he likes pretty much everything Irish, so we made the supreme sacrifice tonight and went to a music pub to get a birthday wish from the musicians.They were happy to sing Shane a local Irish folk song, wish him a happy birthday and we were happy to drink a couple of Guinness in celebration. We videoed the folk song but it was too large to send, so, we chose to upload it onto You Tube, here, and send Shane the link. Happy 30th birthday Shane. 

Not an ad for Guinness, just a birthday drink for Shane23/5/11 After the supreme sacrifices we made last night to our daughters boyfriend's long distance enjoyment of his 30th birthday we took a slow start to today. The wind howled about our coastal hostel as we sat catching up on the usual travel jobs of internet and planning. An afternoon walk along the waterfront had us windblown and sandblasted till we reached the Great Northern Hotel, on the golf course, for a coffee. All ferries to the island had been cancelled and the Iceland volcanic dust cloud threatened air travel again, even Barak Obama on his visit had difficulty with the strong winds, buffeting his helicopter. 

24/5/11 A better day, weather wise, sunny but still windy as we took a walk in the other direction, westwards, again along the headland cliffs, resting on the spongy grass out of the wind. The hostel are staying at takes groups of school children for adventure schooling, surfing, abseiling andWindswept coast of Bundoran, where we took a windy walk hiking, but the last two days the weather has been too rough, even for Irish children, so the hostel was empty, thankfully, except for a couple of travellers.

25/5/11 Trees were down and leaves strewn about streets as we passed through towns northward through Donegal and Lifford and again crossing the borderless border to Northern Ireland with only the roadsigns to tell of the change, km's/hr to miles/hr. 

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