Travel Through Hungary on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Hungary on a Harley (3/6/10 - 6/6/10)
Distance 299 km (567201 km to 567520 km)

This is part of the sixteenth section of our around the world trip.
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3/6/10 The Hungarian authorities checked our passports and motorcycle papers but didn't ask for any greencard insurance. A five minute border. It was still drizzling rain when we arrived in Szeged and after changing money at one of the many moneychangers in town we started looking for cheap accommodation. The rain had swollen the river through town having broken its banks, and the countryside was also flooded,
Children play in the city, Pecs crops underwater. It's never easy moving from a cheaper to a more expensive country and all we seemed to find was expensive accommodation so after a couple of hours enjoying the city we decided to move further along the road. It wasn't much longer and we were free of the truck traffic, most having headed towards Budapest, and the roads opened up to clear riding, but as the cold and drizzle started to settle in we grabbed a small room in the town of Baja for the night.

4/6/10 Drizzle rain again this morning. Global warming seems to be creating more evaporation, more cloud, and more precipitation. At least that is what it has been feeling like lately. It drizzled the 100 km's to Pecs, where after attempting to sit out the rain over a coffee at the out of town McDonald restaurant we started looking for accommodation only to find that Pecs is this years European Capital of Culture and there is a week long arts festival here, so backpacker hostels, apart from a brand new one, were full, so we ended up in dorm beds, but in a room to ourselves for the night. This is another magnificent city, tarted up for its famous year, with magnificent pedestrian areas, newly renovated historical buildingsPadlocking love to a wall in Pecs and plenty of happenings, like tonights traditional food and wine tasting near the Dom, where we indulged in a few eats, drinks and a dance performance after the rain had finally cleared.

5/6/10 Sunshine at last. No rain all day. A bit of a rarity lately. The crowds were out on the pedestrian streets, promenading, ice creaming, coffeeing, on this sunny Saturday. We people watched, children boat racing in a fountain, guitar and violin buskers, Romney's with their puppet shows, then in the evening it was back to the food and wine area for a different sample of Hungarian foods.

6/6/10 Just a short visit to Hungary, a scoot across the bottom end. We left our accommodation early on a magnificent riding day. The short ride to the border was passed in less than an hour and an easy out with a document check as we again left the EU.

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