Travel Through the United Kingdom on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

The United Kingdom on a Harley (7/8/11 - 14/8/11)
Distance 213 km (597005 km to 597218 km)

This is part of the seventeenth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from Germany or read our previous visit to The United Kingdom

7/8/11 Off the ferry in Dover and a short ride to Horley, near Gatwick Airport, where we washed the motorcycle, ATM'd some pounds and repacked the motorcycle for its flight to Newark, New Jersey, USA.

8/8/11 James Cargo had given us a reasonable price for the motorcycle's air freight to the USA. It was not the cheapest quote but they allowed us to remove the front wheel and mudguard, windshield, seat backrest and top box rack reducing the motorcycle to just over 2.1 cu/mt which also allowed it to fit onto one of their prefabricated crate frames, meaning we didn't need to organise a crate ourselves. Also they do all the paperwork this end, with information on clearing customs at the other end in the USA. It took less than two hours for us to have the motorcycle dismantled and on the crate base, payment made, and coffee drunk, with helpful staff at their warehouse in Colnbrook. A long train trip back to our hotel in Horley, where we have booked a room till our flight on the 14th. James Cargo predict the motorcycle will be in New Jersey on the 13th with four days free storage for clearing customs, often only a few hours procedure. Lets hope so.

9/8/11 Relaxing properly for the first time in a couple of weeks. It is always good to have the planned events come to fruition. A quick ride the last ten days, visiting people, arranging shipping, now relaxing. Not really. The list ofPacking the motorcycle at James Cargo's warehouse in the UK unanswered emails enormous, a consequence of easy communications with internet demanded answering, taking most of the day.

10/8/11 Skype phone calls to family in the morning, and the diary that is usually written daily but was now 10 days behind. A normal 20 minutes daily event longer because the ten day memory is not as good as the yesterday memory. The diary, photo processing and publishing taking up today, with a walk to the Horley shops and watching the dreadful riots near London on the TV occupying relax time.


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