Travel Through the United Kingdom on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

The United Kingdom on a Harley (20/5/11 - 22/5/11)
Distance 576 km (584040 km to 584616 km)

This is part of the seventeenth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from Ireland or read our previous visit to The United Kingdom

20/5/11 Ciaran, from Bangor, near Belfast, had again offered us a room at his home for a couple of nights so we could attend the North West 200 motorcycle race. We had been to Bangor two years earlier and arriving at lunch time found nothing much had changed in the region. It was a pleasant afternoon talking motorcycles and again attempting to identify how oil was still passing from the primary to the engine compartment on our motorcycle despite the new seal and spacer. Siliconed up all possible holes, screws and the main compensating sprocket. We did notice that a washer was missing from the locking nut, and that the lock nut was bottoming out on the main shaft before it was fully tight. This could perhaps allow an oil seepage along the shaft. So by the end of the day we were hopeful the problem may finally have been solved.

21/5/11 There were four motorcycles, ours, Ciarans, Merv from Coventry and his Belfast
friend Geoff, that headed off along the magnificently scenic coastal road north west towards Portrush arriving at the race track part way through the first race afterArriving a bit damp at the North West 200 with friends a relaxed ride and warming coffee along the way. Much of the expected crowd had been deterred by the bad weather, strong wind and drizzle, and there was local talk of whether the race meeting would go ahead at all considering the conditions, wind being the main concern with the motorcycles reaching speeds of up to 200km/hr on the closed public road track. A nine mile circuit, we walked a portion following the first race, positioning ourselves at Black Hill and waited. The second race was delayed, a bomb scare, never before heard of at the race meeting. In increasing rain and wind we hunkered down next to a low cliff and were entertained over lunch by a few locals, more inebriated than sober, Irish humour coming thick, until motorcycles returned to test the track conditions for the second race. With the track still too dangerous, standing water and wind, we headed back to the railway bridge arriving just as the first racing motorcycles hurtled past, unfortunately getting the full view of one discharging its sump load of oil onto the track, stopping the racing again. Coffee for us at the Dunluce CentreBeing entertained during a bomb scare by a few, drunk, local lads while the officials attempted to clear the track of oil, an almost impossible job as it had spread across the water logged track. By 3.30pm we called it a day with moderate rain falling all the way on our ride back to Belfast. To many it might have seemed like a wasted day but it was one of those great days that planning can't recreate. We had the full overview of Ireland, bomb scares to its notorious weather, its humour and camaraderie, but mostly we loved the welcoming nature of the people as nine of us sat in Geoff and Honor's house in the evening over a lovely meal discussing and reliving stories, politics and religion included.

22/5/11 With promises to meet up again at the Northern Ireland Horizons Unlimited Rally next weekend in Enniskillen we said goodbye to Ciaran, riding in strong winds and rain squalls to the west coast Irish town of Bundoran.                

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