Travel Through Germany on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Germany on a Harley (7/6/11 - 10/6/11)
Distance 700 km (586316 km to 587016 km)

This is part of the seventeenth section of our around the world trip.
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7/6/11 370km's to near Mainz, Werner and Erika's place for the night. We had first met them at the 100th anniversary of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Milwaukee USA in 2003 with promises to meet again for the 110th in 2013 and with each of us keeping to our promises we are working towards being there. Both retired now they have more time for their hobby's, and a new motorcar has entered the family, a Porsche, a Cayman, a magnificently grey motorcar. This is not an alternative to their motorcycles, it is an added diversification as Werner has always been interested in cars, particularly rally cars, where he now helps prepare and co-drives a 1970's vintage rally car. Also a wine buff, we calculate though his cellar is not yet sufficiently large enough to support him till he is 80, but certainly large enough for us to attack a couple of bottles of magnificent Chardonnay tonight.

8/6/11 WeAnother lovely dinner at Werner and Erika's met Bruno and Bridget as neighbours of Werner and Erikas. Bruno also rides a Harley-Davidson, a Fatboy, and is considering a ride in the USA for the 110th birthday. An Italian and importer of fine Italian products we were invited to his company offices and supermarket this morning, "Centro Italia", and were treated like kids in a candy shop, showered with fine Italian meats, cheeses, wine, biscuits and a mortadella filled bread loaf for our roadside lunch. As much as our overloaded motorcycle could carry and more than we could eat in a couple of days. An afternoon 300km's ride near Nuremberg and into the hills to its north, Pottenstein, a local's tourist area, where walks, kayaking and bicycling occupy their time in the hills and forests.

9/6/11 Hikers, mountain bikers, walkers and motorcyclists passed by our hotel early morning along their way to their days activities in the surrounding limestone hills, rocky cliffs and gorges. A short ride in the area for us, lunch in Pottenstein, where the local river meanders through the lovely old buildings of the town, and an afternoon walk through nearby forests.      

10/6/11Bruno and his staff at his import business, note the gift products on the motorcycle Continued along the 470 to its end, fine weather and mid 20's, perfect riding conditions, and then the motorway into the Czech Republic.

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