Travel Through Denmark on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Denmark on a Harley (7/9/98 - 9/9/98)
Distance 480 km (112245 km to 112725 km)

This is part of the fourth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from the  Sweden or read our previous visit to Denmark

7/9/98 To the ferry at Gothenburg and changed the slow jet, (this time back to .42 mm as the .45 was using too much fuel) while waiting for the ferry. Drove straight up to Skagen, the northernmost point of Denmark where the two seas meet to form a long sand spit. Then south and getting caught by a lack of campgrounds and darkness we were forced to pitch the tent at a roadside rest area (illegal in Denmark) where trucks kept us awake half the night.

8/9/98 We were packed up early (by 6.30) and after a long coffee headed for Silkeborg museum and their bog Man. This well preserved man was hanged a couple of hundred years B.C. and probably thrown as a sacrifice to the gods into a bog where he lay preserved until discovery in the 1950’s. His hair, face, even wrinkles, still well preserved features. An hours drive to Arhus and another bog man, this time he had had his throat cut. Its amazing what we can learn from peoples actions 2000 years ago. Lego Land, display of what is capable with the blocks Camped the night at Legoland after taking advantage of their free entry policy between 5.30 and 8.00 pm. The rides stop at 6 pm but the main Lego exhibits stay open till 8 pm. If I had ever wondered about the hours I just sit riding the motorcycle watching the world move past its no where near the hours needed to build a decent Legoland model. We all spend our hours differently.

9/9/98 A long ride today, 500 km, but first a short walk around the historical town of Ribe.

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