Travel Through Cameroon on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Cameroon on a Harley (4/1/01 - 8/1/01)
Distance 862 km (214647 km to 215509 km)

This is part of the Seventh section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  Gabon or read our previous visit to Cameroon

  4/1/01 Officials here a breeze, so different from their compatriots a few kilometres away. No customs check and we were able to avoid all police blocks, about 10, on the road to Yaounde. Perhaps the requirement for drinking money has receded since New Year.

5/1/01 Computer usage is catching on fast in Africa. Not the computer at home that we know nor the level of understanding of the available uses and workings that most young westerners would utilize a computer for. But for internet and emails sent from computer centres where in Yaounde there is one with over 50 computers (space for 50 more) most occupied continually by local working young people sending messages home, or to different countries, or cities, applying for jobs, sending love messages, trying to findA bad decision to take this shortcut road someone overseas to sponsor their visit to the west, or just trying to find out what the internet is about. At $US1.50 an hour it is not cheap for locals but a justifiable expense judging by its popularity. We spent hours here updating our web site and watching the comings and goings. A very economical internet for us.

6/1/01 In less than three weeks the really bad pollution in Bamenda had become intolerable. Now we could not see 300 metres and still they are burning the dry grass and the traffic is pouring out more into this basin in the mountains. Not till the wet arrives will its beauty return according to the locals.

7/1/01 Awoke snuffled and with a sore throat to more of the worst pollution we have seen and decided to leave. The first 40 km of the road out recently sealed but then it dropped off the mountain with truck swallowing potholes and deep gutters as it wound its way down. Four hours later andIt didn't get any better we had done only 30 km (as bad as anything in Congo but dry here), before it flattened out and onto Ekok at the Nigerian border. 

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