Indija, Vojvodina, Serbia Community

Indija, Vojvodina, Serbia


Vojvodina Province, northern Serbia (north of Belgrade) - click for detailed enlargement of Indija area


From Igor Petrovic, Indija Community

(note the different spelling of Indija - or Indjija)

"Indjija is in between Novi Sad (Vojvodina's capital) and Belgrade (Serbia's capital), right on the road to Belgrade and very easy to find (lots of road signs - exit road sign, when exiting off 'motorway' (Subotica-Belgrade).

Indjija is a small town, aprox. 25000 residents, lots of infrastructure, 'fast' internet conection (aprox 15-20 KB/s,in internet cafe).

Indjija has nice motel, in quiet part of town, right beside a small Zoo, summer olympic swiming pool, natural hot water spring (spa) wich shoots water 3-4 meters in air."

Some historical info from Encarta:

"Most of Vojvodina, a province in northern Serbia in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, lies on the fertile Pannonian Basin. The Fruska Gora Ridge reaches an elevation of 593 metres (1,946 feet) in the southwest corner of the province. The southern Carpathian Mountains cross the southwest, rising to 641 metres (2,103 feet), and the Danube and Tisza rivers flow through the region. Vojvodina is bordered on the north by Hungary, on the west by Croatia, on the east by Romania, and on the south by the Serbian region of Sumadija.

1900's, GermanSchool and Catholic Church.

Early twentieth century GermanSchool and Catholic Church.

Vojvodina offers some of the richest agricultural land in Serbia. Major crops include wheat, maize, and sugar beet. Livestock raising, horticulture, and grape cultivation are also important. Oil and gas deposits are found in eastern Vojvodina. The economy has traditionally benefitted from commercial navigation on the Danube, but this activity was somewhat curtailed by the United Nations (UN) embargo against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the other warring countries of the former Yugoslavia in place since May 1992. The removal of the embargo following the November 1995 Dayton agreement was welcomed, but it is uncertain whether this will translate into an improvement of economic prospects.

Novi Sad, an important port on the Danube, is the capital of Vojvodina. More than 60 per cent of the population of the province are ethnic Serbs. Ethnic Hungarians, comprising about 17 per cent of the population, are the second largest nationality group. Ethnic Croats, Czechs, Slovaks, and Ruthenes also live in the region.

Vojvodina was home to various peoples in ancient times, and in the 6th century AD there were successive waves of immigration by the Lombards, Avars, and Slavs. In the late 9th century Magyars entered the Pannonian Basin from the northeast and settled in the region, which became part of the Kingdom of Hungary. In 1690 thousands of Serbs migrated from Ottoman lands in the south to Vojvodina, which by this time was part of the extensive Habsburg empire. Devastated by recurrent warfare, Vojvodina had no more than 100,000 inhabitants at the beginning of the 18th century. To repopulate the region, Habsburg authorities established a large German colony and encouraged Serbs and Croats to settle there.

In 1918 Vojvodina was annexed to the emergent Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, which was later renamed Yugoslavia. Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito established Vojvodina as an autonomous province within the Republic of Serbia in 1946, in recognition of Vojvodina's separate history and distinct cultural traditions.
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Motel Lovac, Indija, Vojvodina, Serbia

Motel Lovac

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